Transactional SMS Service

Send quality information to the general public at the right time with the help of transactional SMS. Our Bulk Transactional SMS Service Provider passes the necessary information or alert SMS to your clients. The main benefit of transactional SMS service is that they can be sent any time without any time constraint with your own brand name. With the help of SMSLAB gateway, you can send educational, verification, financial SMS automatic with API integration. SMSLAB is best transactional SMS Service Providers Company in India dealing with these all SMS Marketing Services. If you are looking for the best bulk SMS gateway in India, contact SMSLAB.

A transactional message is a type of SMS that companies send under the limited operational purpose like booking confirmations, making a purchase or subscribing. Businesses can make campaigns around other actions like joining a group or marketing something. The actual definition of the transactional message varies by verticals and it depends on how the brands interact with the clients.

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The transactional SMS are not meant for sending the promotional content. But it can help businesses to stay connected with the clients and build trust among the clients. One of the biggest benefits of transactional SMS is that they can be sent even to the DND activated numbers. However, there should not be any promotional content in the message. We are in the age of information and it becomes necessary to deliver the right information to the clients at the right time. Transactional SMS solves this purpose. Transactional SMS service providers like SMSLAB eases the process of sending transactional SMS to customers. For best bulk SMS gateway in India, contact SMSLAB.

What are the Benefits of Sending Transactional SMS?

Clients prefer to communicate through SMS with the brands. The best part about SMS is that it allows recipients to receive message any time and they can read the message whenever convenient.


We use the modern SMS software that makes sending the transactional SMS easier and reliable. Once the setup is done, there is a minimal human interaction required.


SMS have a high opening rate. Almost 98% of messages are opened. This makes SMS an effective platform for communicating with customers.


Transactional SMS services are time sensitive in nature. This makes SMS the most effective platform for communicating with customers. Transactional SMS are driven by the triggers and messages can be sent to the customers instantly. For quick delivery of messages, use SMSLAB API gateway which is the best bulk SMS gateway in India.


People keep their mobile phone within reach all the time. Customers can send and receive SMS at any time of the day not just when they are sitting in front of a computer. This makes SMS a convenient way of communication.


Transactional SMS helps in building a good customer relationship and provide a valuable marketing opportunity. Keeping customers informed via SMS is a great way to establish a direct connection between the brand and the customer.

Transactional SMS Service Provider offerings:

Account Verification:

You can use the account verification feature when your customers create an account for the first time. When the customer signs in, they will be sent a unique code and will be required to verify their account by clicking an activation link or entering the verification code.

Shipping/Delivery Notifications:

After the order is placed, real-time information can be shared with the customers to let them know about the shipment status. This improves the user experience and helps in building a strong relationship.

Order Confirmation:

This type of verification message verifies that the order has been successfully placed. This also enhances brand loyalty and reliability. Order confirmation is a good way to reassure about the purchase of the customer.

Marketing Campaigns:

Transactional SMS can be used in marketing campaigns. You can directly integrate the marketing campaign with transactional SMS with the help of API.

Reach to a large group:

Transactional SMS can be used by businesses to reach a large number of audiences at the same time.

Build a loyal customer Base:

Transactional SMS is a great way to engage and build a good relationship with the customers.

SMSLAB offers best Transactional SMS service providers and bulk SMS Marketing services to Schools, hospitals, fitness centres etc. SMSLAB is the fastest growing bulk SMS gateway in India. Contact SMSLAB for further assistance in bulk SMS services.

Promotional Bulk SMS Features

  • Instant Activation of Account
  • Free demo SMS for test testing
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  • Schedule SMS for future
  • SMS delivery anytime that is 24x7
  • Send SMS with custom sender-id


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Integrate into marketing campaign

Integrate promotional SMS into your marketing campaign and SMS directly to your clients.


Reach to large group at once

Promotional SMS service allows you to reach a large number of people all at the same time.


Build Loyal Customers

Promotional SMS service is a great channel to engage and build good relations with customers.


Send invitation SMS:

Bulk SMS is a easy, fast & reliable way to invite all of your customers or family members at once.


Promote any online store

Promotional SMS is very fast & effective channel to promote your online store when you want.


Opt out Option:

The main benefit of promotional SMS is you will not be sending unwanted texts who uninterested.