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We are living in an age where everyone is having access to smartphones. Among all the communication channels available, mobile is crucial. White Label SMS Reseller Provider service has been a part of many big businesses strategies for a long time. It is gaining popularity as one of the most popular communication channels. Bulk SMS marketing is a part of mass communication that allows the businesses to communicate their audience through mobile technology.

Why Bulk SMS is perfect for business communication?

Businesses find bulk SMS service as the best method for communication. Bulk SMS is one of the cheapest ways of communicating with the audience. It also reduces the marketing costs of the businesses to half. Bulk SMS Reseller Provider Service providers help businesses to set up their bulk SMS platform.

A business needs to market their products. There are many ways of how a business can achieve that. One of the most effective ways of notifying the potential customer is directly over their mobile phones. Almost everyone keeps their cell phones with themselves and there is a high probability that your message will be read by the customer.

Uses of bulk SMS marketing

Some of the common uses of bulk SMS marketing service are:

Time Sensitive Promotions

Businesses are utilizing the bulk SMS services for timely offers and promotions to the customers. Sending the messages at the right time helps in making most out of SMS.

Personalized Offers

Businesses can send personalized offers to businesses. This makes the customer feel special. Simply by using the name of the client at the beginning of the message makes sure that the business cares about them. If you are looking for the personalized Bulk SMS Reseller Provider Service, contact

Cost Effective

Bulk SMS is a cost-effective method for brand promotion. Businesses using bulk SMS as a marketing tool have seen a growth in their sales. Also, bulk SMS give a high return on investment. So, businesses are using bulk SMS as a primary channel for business promotion and marketing.

Why White Label SMS Reseller Provider are in Demand?

Almost every business is using Bulk SMS Reseller Provider Service for their promotion. This increases the demand of the White Label SMS Reseller Provider in the market. If you are looking to provide bulk SMS service by becoming a white label SMS reseller provider, contact We will set you up in a few days and you are ready to go. Start your own White Label SMS Reseller Provider business.

Using white label SMS reseller provider service for business promotion is better than any other mode of communication. But it becomes difficult to handle the bulk SMS through the phone. This problem is solved by the white label SMS reseller providers. Marketers always go for the optimum and low-cost channel for marketing. SMS resellers can answer to their concerns and work with the network service providers to make this possible.

The white label SMS reseller provides are gaining popularity these days since most of the businesses need to send bulk SMS. This includes hospitals, schools, banks, government institutions restaurants, E-commerce, etc.

What are the benefits of becoming the White Label SMS Reseller Provider with SMSLAB?

Some of the benefits which you get from the White Label SMS Reseller Provider like is that we replace all our branding with your logos, banners and contact details. This allows you to run the marketing campaign through custom branded service.

Fully Customizable Design

We provide you a fully customizable design. Your clients will never know that you are using’s bulk SMS services. Provide us with your logos, banners, taglines, etc and we will give access to a fully customizable application which is all yours.

Set your own Pricing

You can set your own pricing. You can set the price of credits, keywords, and packages according to your requirement. You are not obliged to purchase the keywords as you start. You can purchase the keywords when your customer makes a purchase. Contact for Bulk SMS Reseller Provider Service.

Fast and Easy

Our white label bulk SMS service is fast and easy to install. We can set you up in a few days. Our client support team will guide you through every step of the process. Some other benefits are:

  • Reseller can extend the existing customer relationship with clients.
  • The reseller may be billing the customer on a monthly basis. Therefore, the request can be changed easily by the reseller to the customer’s monthly account.
  • Bulk SMS does not require travelling salespeople. Many resellers may require visiting their customers and being in a position to help the customer to register or download the software at the customer’s premises.

If you are looking to start your own business by become a Bulk SMS Reseller Provider Service Provider, contact Create your own bulk SMS services for businesses and set your own pricing. Experience a hassle-free service and a hassle-free customer support service. We are the best White Label SMS Reseller Provider offering services as a reseller and as a direct bulk SMS service provider to the businesses and clients.

White label Reseller for Bulk SMS Marketing key features

  • No Setup Fees
  • User Friendly Interface & API
  • Manage Your route Providers
  • Manage Client reports
  • Instant Activation
  • No limit to create re-seller

How we can use Reseller Panel

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Integrate into marketing campaign

Integrate promotional SMS into your marketing campaign and SMS directly to your clients.


Reach to large group at once

Promotional SMS service allows you to reach a large number of people all at the same time.


Build Loyal Customers

Promotional SMS service is a great channel to engage and build good relations with customers.


Send invitation SMS:

Bulk SMS is a easy, fast & reliable way to invite all of your customers or family members at once.


Promote any online store

Promotional SMS is very fast & effective channel to promote your online store when you want.


Opt out Option:

The main benefit of promotional SMS is you will not be sending unwanted texts who uninterested.