SMSLAB: Best Promotional SMS Service Provider for your Business

Every business can take advantage from the bulk SMS services. Businesses use bulk SMS to connect with their audience. Bulk SMS can be used in variety of ways like promotions, notification alerts, discounts, coupon codes etc. The bulk texting has three major advantages: cost effective, reach and simplicity. SMSLAB is the best promotional SMS service provider helping businesses to take advantage of SMS based services.

SMS marketing is so effective because 91% of people keep the mobile phones within reach twenty four hours a day. Studies have shown that 90% of all the SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery. This is the reason why bulk SMS is an effective way of marketing. SMSLAB is a bulk SMS gateway service provider offering the best SMS services for any business.

How your businesses can use bulk SMS gateway services?

To send the bulk SMS using bulk SMS gateway service provider, you need to subscribe to promotional SMS service provider like Once you log into the software, you can simply upload the list of contacts, compose your message and click Send. And within few minutes your contacts will be reading your messages no matter where they are located and irrespective of the phone they are using (smartphone or ordinary).

Once the message has been sent, you will get a summary of delivery rates, open rates and engagements. By using these analytics, you can fine tune the content and the timing of the messages. You can also save the preview messages for the future sending. The best thing about the bulks SMS platform is that you don’t have to be on your PC to read the replies. You can get access to the messages from laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can also get the replies on your phone dirrectly through SMS.

Promotional SMS Service Provider Services for Group Messaging

Bulk SMS gateway service enables the businesses to send messages to different groups within your database. For example schools can send messages to students studying in different class and different subjects. In order to send the messages to different groups, you need to divide your database of contacts in the subgroups. If you need to send the same message to all the groups, you can do so by selecting all the groups.

How different businesses can benefit from Bulk SMS gateway service providers?

Bulk SMS tool can be used to create the database of contacts. It also helps businesses to sort the database in groups and provide the easy management of the customer contacts. Here are the few examples of how businesses can benefit from the bulk promotional SMS service providers like SMSLAB

Bulk SMS in the Retail and E-commerce Sector

Bulk SMS is popular among the retailers and E-commerce stores. They can send information like offers, discounts and promotional messages. The redemption rates of discount coupons that are attached with SMS are typically eight times higher than normally achieved as compared to the email marketing. Bulk SMS can also be used by the retailers to send updates to the regular and new customers.

Bulk SMS for Internal Communication

Bulk SMS is a powerful tool in the workplace. Organizations can use bulk SMS marketing services as a way to promote new openings and reminding the potential candidates about the interview timing and notifying them whether they got the job or not. Instead of using the emails to keep track of the emails, send text personal text message to the employees.

Bulk SMS for the Political Parties

Politicians can use the bulk SMS gateway services in election campaigns. They can send their manifesto to thousands of voters within minutes. Political parties can also make use of SMS services for the donations, announcements and updates. Bulk SMS has become one of the most popular ways of raising money and awareness among the voters. SMSLAB is the best promotional SMS service provider for election and political parties.


Bulk SMS Service is one of the most effective ways of marketing as reported by many digital marketing experts. If you are planning to integrate bulk SMS gateway services with your current marketing campaign or if you are looking to grow more sales, you can consult SMSLAB which is the best promotional SMS service provider serving Bulk SMS Service in Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Delhi, Gujarat, Pune, Punjab, Haryana and other cities in India . Our bulk SMS services make it easier to send the important messages easily to a group of people. Contact SMSLAB for more details

Promotional Bulk SMS Features

  • Instant Activation of Account
  • Free demo SMS for test testing
  • Automatic DND Filters
  • Schedule SMS for future
  • SMS delivery time 9 AM to 9 PM
  • Send SMS with custom sender-id

How we can use Promotional SMS

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Integrate into marketing campaign

Integrate promotional SMS into your marketing campaign and SMS directly to your clients.


Reach to large group at once

Promotional SMS service allows you to reach a large number of people all at the same time.


Build Loyal Customers

Promotional SMS service is a great channel to engage and build good relations with customers.


Send invitation SMS:

Bulk SMS is a easy, fast & reliable way to invite all of your customers or family members at once.


Promote any online store

Promotional SMS is very fast & effective channel to promote your online store when you want.


Opt out Option:

The main benefit of promotional SMS is you will not be sending unwanted texts who uninterested.